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Ilam province covers an area of 20,133 square kilometers, occupying 1.2 percent of the country’s total area, located between 31° 58 ́and 34°15 ́ N latitude and 45° 24 ́ and 48° 10 ́ E longitude, covering parts of Zagros mountain range. This province is bound to the north by Kermanshah, to the south by Khuzastan, to the east by Lorestan and to the west by Iraq with 425 kilometers of common border. According to the latest divisions of the country in 1996, Ilam province has 8 counties,19 towns, 19 sections, 39 rural districts and 753 villages. The counties of the province are : Abdanan, Darrehshahr, Dehloran, Eyvan, Ilam, Mehran, Malekshahi, Shirvan-Chardavol. Due to its great natural beauty, Ilam province is called “The bride of Zagros”.


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